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To help the SFMARC promote and preserve CW on the bands, please use the Donation button below. All Donations are greatly appreciated.

Moneys collected go strictly towards PR booths in public locations, demonstrations at public events, all in the name of introducing ham radio and CW to both youth and the general public.
This 12-hour event is not a contest; rather it is a time dedicated to celebrating our CW and Bug key heritage. Participants are encouraged to get on the air and simply make enjoyable, conversational CW QSOs using a Bug style key as the sending instrument. There are no points scored in this event, and all who participate are winners.


W6SFM Bug Roundup is held twice annually.
- Every 3rd Saturday in May from 1700 UTC though Sunday 0500 UTC
- Every 3rd Saturday in November from 1800 UTC through Sunday 0600 UTC

Bands (Suggested Freq.)
10 meters - 28.040 - 28.050 MHz
15 meters - 21.040 - 21.050 MHz
20 meters - 14.040 - 14.050 MHz
40 meters - 7.040 - 7.050 MHz
80 meters - 3.540 - 3.550 MHz

Log Submission & Deadline
Log entries for the W6SFM Bug Roundup must be received within 30 days of the closing of each scheduled event date.

All log submissions must be digital. We are sorry
, but written logs can not be accepted.
To submit your log to the W6SFM please attach your Cabrillo formatted log by clicking HERE.
If you need an ADIF to Cabrillo file converter please download a FREE version of ADIF2CABR by clicking HERE.

Contact Information
For more information on this or other SFMARC events please click HERE.
(During the event you can chat live with us or others using our LIVE Chat window at the bottom of this page)

Results of the Bug Roundup event will be published on the W6SFM website once the results have been tallied.

Event Details
The Samuel F Morse Amateur Radio Club Bug Roundup was formed by W6SFM Members that enjoy CW. We wanted a way to bring others together who also have an interest in operating CW and use a Bug type key on-air. With this event the goal of the SFMARC is to help preserve CW operations on air while educating new operators and the general public about the joys of using traditional sending instruments such as the Bug key.

Participants are encouraged to have a friendly "Rag Chew" (conversation) with another CW operator using a Bug Key during this event. Operators are to exchange along with their RST, Name and QTH the Make and Model of their Bug key (ie, Vibroplex Original, Mecograph No. 3, McElroy Deluxe 600, etc.)

When participating in the Bug Roundup event we recommend sending "CQ BR" to indicate your participation, and to clue in passers-by who may be listening that the Bug Roundup is in full swing.

Once the event has concluded, logs can be submitted to the W6SFM by way of the link provided above. Nominal prizes/certificates or acknowledgments may be given to those that the W6SFM find have special interests. Categories such as: those who had QSOs (conversations) with the most amount of interesting bug types, or those that had the best bug fist will be considered. Remember, this is not a contest, so everyone who participates in the Semi Annual Bug Roundup are considered winners in our log.

Thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoy the event. 73
Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club
Sacramento, CA
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